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Step into a world where you control WordPress, visually and powerfully, without ever touching code.

Why Choose Convoworks?

Experience the no-code revolution with Convoworks. Empower your WordPress like never before: seamlessly craft APIs and webhooks, utilize WordPress hooks, or offer Alexa users access to your website functionalities. Dive into a realm of possibilities that’s truly unmatched in the WordPress ecosystem.



  • Intuitive Drag & Drop: Transform your ideas into reality with our user-friendly visual interface. No coding required.
  • Reusable Workflows: Design once, deploy everywhere. Save your ideal service and roll it out across multiple projects effortlessly.
  • Familiar Terrain: Dive right in with the comfort of well-known PHP and WordPress functionalities. Embrace 'if-then' logic, 'goto', and 'include' within our visual playground.


  • Unified Workflow Logic: Whether it's conversational platforms, WordPress hooks, or APIs, the workflow creation process remains the same.
  • Expression Language: Beyond standard variables – ours even harness the power of PHP functions.
  • Custom Components: Don't feel boxed in. If something's missing or you need a specific function, easily create and integrate your own components.

Users sharing their experience

Convoworks is the easiest way to create a podcast skill in a matter of minutes, and updates are just a button click away. With Convoworks, it is easy to launch and manage podcasts. The Convoworks team earns two thumbs up from me!

John Barnaby


I can already see the interface is so much more intuitive than the Alexa Development Console.

Mike Newman


How does it work?

Web like conversation definition

Instead of using Entity-Relationship like diagrams that most of the others use, we divided conversation into blocks which are very similar to the classic web pages.

In the first phase, we present the user with information about the main options currently available and request his/her input. When we receive the user’s request, it is processed within the same block and, if required, we move the conversation focus to another block, where the process is repeated with the new set of options that user can choose from.

Components to build with

In Convoworks conversation, different components are used to define workflow. There are 3 main types of components used within a single conversation block.

Elements are running in a sequential manner; they can be nested and are executing useful actions (e.g. display or pronounce text; execute SQL query; modify variables; execute http request, if cases and other control structures; analytics tracking).

Processors are competing between themself to handle user input and execute their own read elements flow.

Filters are a bridge to the specific platform and are aiding processors in deciding when to activate. Intent based filters (Alexa, Dialogflow), but also NLP and plain text filters, are supported.

Expression language and functions

We use enhanced Symfony expression language to manipulate variables.

Besides just defining variable values, you can apply various functions provided through extensions.


Cross-platform intent model

When working with intent based systems, you can define Intents and Entities in Convoworks and automatically publish changes to external platforms. You can also use predefined intents which are available to get through Convoworks extensions.

We are starting with Alexa and Dialoglfow as supported intent based platforms, but we are open to extend it with, IBM Watson Assistant or any other simmilar engine.

Running inside your website

You already have a bunch of registered users on your website? With Convoworks you can easily authenticate voice assistant users with your own website and give them all your usual features through the voice service including shop purchase. You have a webshop? Why not let your users shop through the voice enabled devices?

Unlike NodeJs & Cloud solutions, Convoworks runs inside your website and can use it’s resources without external processing.

Designed to grow

Highly extensible

When creating ConvoWorks extensions, you are able to develop all three types of components, including defining their property editors and preview! You can also predefine intents and entities, write custom expression language functions and full service templates.

You can enhance your existing WordPress plugin with Convoworks extension, providing your customers ability to access your features through voice assistant services. Let’s say you have a booking plugin. Now you can define a few Convoworks elements and let your customers more easily offer their services on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.


Extensions market

We want to boost the system extensibility with official extensions store where the publishers will be able to easily acquire additional, already developed features from a trusted source.

On the other hand, if you are a developer, you can write your own extensions and share them with others. You can give them away for free or you can charge them.

Framework agnostic PHP core

The core Convoworks library is written using the PHP Standards Recommendations and is not tied to any framework or data storage technology.

We will start Convoworks with the WordPress integration, but in the future you can also expect Convoworks on other CMSs like Drupal, Joomla, Magento or even integration packages for frameworks like Symfony and Laravel.

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Convoworks is supported by the European union

Convoworks is co-financed by the EU and is being developed by ZEF Development

Project worth: 260.000 EUR
Amount financed by EU: 180.000 EUR
Project duration: 1.10.2019 – 1.4.2021

European union
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